Accelerated Reader Program 

AR Quizzes available at Central Elementary 

     The students at Central Elementary School participate in the Accelerated Reader program. This program allows a child to choose a book on his/her reading level, read it, and then take comprehension and vocabulary test on the computer.  The books they choose can be from libraries, home, friends, etc. as long as a quiz is available for that book in AR program.  Above you will find a link to search for books that are available.  Each child's reading level is determined by their teacher. Most children are tested at the beginning of the school year, at midyear, and again at the end of the year to assess growth. 
     To encourage the students to read we have a points club with names of students and their progress posted in the hallway.  A prize cart also visits the classrooms each nine weeks to recognize the student's progress in the program.  At the end of the year awards are given on awards day to recognize the top 10 in each grade level.
     To learn more about the Accelerated Reader program check out the Renaissance Learning, Inc. website at this link: